KN95 Masks and Hand Sanitizer Available For First Responders

KN95 masks and hand sanitizer are now available for public safety workers after the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office obtained the items from a private vendor.

On Wednesday, April 8th, the sheriff’s office received 1,000 KN95 masks, and on Friday, April 10th, their office received 30 gallons of hand sanitizer.

“To effectively use these types of masks a fit test is required for every wearer. Riverwood Healthcare Center has stepped up and is currently providing training for our first responders so we can protect the community we serve,” said Aitkin County Sheriff Daniel Guida. “When that is completed we will be issuing masks to all Aitkin County Fire Departments, Police Departments, First Responder groups, and organizations that serve residential at-risk populations in Aitkin County.”

The sheriff’s office is asking any facility or organization in need of supplies to contact Aitkin County Deputy Emergency Manager Patrice Erickson at 218-927-7437. Requests will be reviewed and deliveries will be arranged as supplies are available.

“A huge thanks to Riverwood for helping us with this training, and our Aitkin County Public Health Department for continued guidance on the rapidly changing suggestions from our state partners,” said Guida.

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