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Turning back the hands of time with Health Supplements


I didn’t mind when my eyesight started  to let me down when looking at small prints nor when my hair started to go on strike after falling off as I aged.  But losing my mobility is really tough.  What  I took for granted became an exercise of true grit when confronted with a steep staircase or walking down a slope. My knees and ankles became wobbly and would cry out for relief as I ascend the stairs with every painful step.

I decided to consult an expert in June 2013 – an Orthopaedic surgeon specialising in sports medicine.  He did a MRI on my knees and the conclusion was expected –  “Mr. Wen, your knees have worn out.  The joints are grinding against each other as your cartilage is now thread bare.  Your ligaments are also on its last leg of use due to wear and tear which is very common for a person of your age group.   Surgery is recommended for both your knees if you want to relive the pain and the regular swelling but I cannot guarantee that you…………….”

Today is the 11th day of December 2013.  Barely 6 months after my visit to the doctor, my knees have healed.   There is no more pain or weakness.  In fact, I recommenced my soccer playing days again after 8 long years.  At the tender age of 52, I am playing in 2 soccer teams!  No.  I did not go under the surgeon’s knife.  So how did I get back the use of my knees?

There are possible 6 reasons how my knees were restored.

My Health Supplements Journey

Glucosamine Health Supplements

MSM Health Supplements

Chondroitin Sulphate Health Supplements

Hyaluronic Acid Health Supplements

Collagen of Fish Health Supplements

Collagen of Chicken Health Supplements

I started taking them only in late July when the above supplements  were delivered from overseas.  The effects were not obvious but over time, I realized that I am able to do more things with my knees without thinking.  Gradually, the effects became obvious when I reverted to running from cycling (non-impact).  For the first time in many years, I can actually  feel a cushion or a layer of sorts in between my knee joints that act as a shock absorber much akin to the sole of a pair of  running shoes.   In addition, my knees feel a lot more secure and tightly wrapped.  It is like a strong knee guard that is internally bound from the inside.  My knees don’t feel like it is about to give way making it a joy to walk or to run again.

As a result of this minor miracle (to me), Turbogize Private Limited was conceived.  Most of my friends are having problems with their  joints, heart, liver, digestive system and overall decline in health.  With our rapid pace of life, family and work pressures, these health problems can only go from bad to worse if  we do nothing.

Turbogize is here just for this purpose.  Turbogize is here to serve your health supplement needs.  Turbogize is your personal health supplement store.  Please read other post and make a thorough visit to Turbogize website for product details and its unique benefits as compared with other companies.

Have a greater life now!

Philip Wen

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One thought on “Turning back the hands of time with Health Supplements

  1. Philip Tan

    I have been having shoulder and knee aches after my jogs and badminton despite having been doing it regularly for a number of years.

    After taking Turbogize collagen and hyaluronic acid for a couple of months, my joints improve tremendously and I do not dread the after effects of my jogs !

    Great Products !


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