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Old Age Reversal is Possible

Reversing Old Age in just 18 months after daily intake of joint supplements

It is now March 2015 – a good 18 months since I embarked on my high boost intake of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid.

As mentioned earlier, my joints showed immense improvements just after 3 months and now I can attest that all the pains that have afflicted me in my knees, shoulders, back and neck have disappeared completely. Most of the aches and pains originated from a lifetime of playing soccer which I indulged in since I was 8 years. I had to stop at 40 as my joints were worn and damaged judging from the MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and advised by the orthopaedic surgeon to go under the knife for knee joint repairs on both knees if I want to simply walk without pain especially in my later years.

Going against doctor’s advice, I chose not to go for the operation which is incidentally very expensive ($26K per knee) and decided to try alternative treatment by way of taking large doses of natural health supplements.
I started with hydrolysed collagen in large dose and complemented that with hyaluronic acid and my joints responded positively in just 3 months. My knees and back were still weak but at least I can climb stairs, walk down a slope without discomfort and to start doing brisk walk with knee guards to lent support.

After 6 months, my ageing joints were rejuvenated and I returned to playing soccer with a bunch of guys 10 years younger than me. At first, it was tough going but with my joints improving daily and getting stronger, I became more confident and began to regain my form and speed which was incredible as I am now 54 years old. I used to wrap my knees with the usual tight fitting knee guards while playing. But after some months of playing, these knee guards were actually causing me pain and I had to remove them when playing. This shows that my knees are now completely healed and do not require any form of support. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I can return to playing soccer. Not simply standing around to make up the numbers but to actively participate as an all-round mid-fielder going up and down the field and even scoring goals too!

It is now impossible to tell which was my bad knee or ankle or which part of my shoulder that gave me endless pain during chilly nights. For several years, I also suffered from persistent neck and shoulder aches due to perhaps consistent drinking, showering late at night and keeping late nights. All my pains are now completely gone. Better yet, I am still drinking like before. For those people who suffer from such constant throbbing pains which can last for days and to resort to pain killers and anti-swelling pills, the sudden lifting of all these sufferings is like a miracle come true.

But it gets better over time – with regular strong doses, my libido has returned with a vengeance. I am not sure whether it is due to my intake of supplements but it has been years since I felt so virile and it may be a co-incidence but it is a happy situation for me and my wife these days
In addition, I used to suffer from weak bladder for several years. Each time I go drinking, I have to visit the toilet several times before my drinking buddies would even go once. What’s more, at the urinal, it would take a long time before I can empty my bladder as it will continue to dribble like a leaky faucet. It gets embarrassing at times as the urine continues to leak out gradually thus staining my pants quite visibly for all to see.
All this is now in the past. I just discovered that I no longer suffer from this ailment when my drinking buddies noticed that I stopped going to the loo so often now. It was something that gradually improved that I did not notice at all.

These 18 months have really changed my health for the better. For those who appreciates what I am saying, my advice is to start taking strong doses of pure health supplements. Supplements without preservatives, binding agents, colours, sugars or some combination that you do not require.
In the months since I started on the collagen, I have increased my range of supplements to include Ginkgo Biloba, Milk thistle, Barley grass, Spirulina, CoQ10, Krill Oil and a few others. It may sound like I am simply pill popping but these are naturally occurring food stuff that can be found in nature. Just like a certain plant is good for a virility or another plant is for cholesterol, our ageing body requires several types of foods rich in these particular source of healing needed to counter a particular ailment or condition. So each of us will require several types of supplements to address specific needs.

Listen to your body when you take supplements and reduce dosage if you feel uncomfortable. Stop if discomfort persists. But once started, take regularly and see the results in a short few months. As the late great Leonard Nimoy said “live long and prosper”.
You can visit us at www.turbogize.com for all your natural pure health supplements.


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