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Turbogize, health supplements for your body.


I am 52 years and was suffering from worn out cartilage and ligaments in the knee area due to a life time of playing soccer. Coupled with a highly pressurized profession as a fixed income sales person in an Investment bank, my overall health suffered and I needed to look for an alternative method to heal myself.

Thankfully, I was always looking out for health supplements to try to offset the unhealthy life style and diet that I was having.  After spending money and time on these items, many of which are diluted with useless fillers, contaminated with artificial flavorings and preservatives and from dubious sources, I decided to take matters into my own hand and go to the source directly.

Welcome then to Turbogize – your  little health supplement store set up  with your total safety in mind, body and heart!  Turbogize brings you only the purest and safest forms of health supplements that you and your family deserve.

Right now, I am in better shape than I was 10 years ago. I restarted playing soccer again after a 8 year lapse. My knees and joints are in super condition.  My Cholesterol and Triglycerides are back down to normal levels again.  My sugar level is at the optimal range and I feel much better than ever before.  No more constant body and back aches.

Turbogize is meant to be a small operation from the start. We are not going to keep large stocks of products and worry about it going bad after sometime. Turbogize items will only be made in small batches and we will only replenish them when we run out of stock. Its not a sensible thing to do but we want to provide our customers with the freshest and purest food supplement that your hard earned money deserve. At Turbogize, we prefer to keep our shelves bare!

We are based in Singapore- a city nation known for its “no nonsense attitude towards business and quality of life”. Its strict laws and strong enforcement have made Singapore a respected place where you can be assured of quality, quality and quality!!

Turbogize products are screened, scanned and tested by 3rd party independent test labs in Singapore  and further subjected to more scrutiny within Turbogize using our in-house High resolution Raman spectrometer and other testing methods. You can see the certification in our website for the assurances of knowing that you are buying only high quality products at its freshest and purest – all wrapped in a cocoon of tests.


One thought on “Turbogize, health supplements for your body.

  1. Cherie

    Turbogize products are value for money and shipment efficient.

    After trying the CoQ10 and both chicken and fish collagen, I have found my stamina improved and suffer less from joint
    aches after my workouts.

    Wonderful products !


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